Alexapure water filter and air filter

  Alexapure water filter Alexabreeze air filter

 Water and aIr purity is finally affordable
  Alexapure water filters are the latest competition to former front frunners like Big Berkey, but that were very pricey and had known issues with workability.  This company seems to hitit out of the ball partk.  Mind you, it's not cheap but certainly affordable at about $250 (which usually includes one filter - so essentially you're ready to go!)  You can find deals on sites like or

  The system can fit up to four filters inside it.  With each added filter, you obviously will filter that much more faster.  The tank holds about 2 gallons of water.  From unboxing, it takes less than 10 minutes to set up.  The filters are pre-moistened in packaging and don't even require initial run throughs to be ready for drinking unlike Britta-type pitcher filters..

  Each filter lasts 9 months to a year though you can lightly scrub the filter (without soap) if you happen to filter out a lot of residue.  The difference is very clear.  Water coming from tap water that smells like a public swimming pool (without the urine!) comes out of the Alexapure completely void of chlorine scent.

  Similarly, the Alexabreeze air filters (HEPA are a powerful addition to making your home or office a safe environment to breath.  I would imagine this would be especially good for those with pets but otherwise consider the trapped polluters we add from "bathroom activity" to cooking or vacuuming...considering times like winter season or inclement weather when windows are closed.  So the Alexabreeze really goes a long way, and very quietly!

  The filters (2 components included) cost about $50-60 each and there are "pre-filters" that I imagine require less changing that run between $10-20.  It depends on how dirty the area is but in general each filter lasts 6-12 months - you should be able to open the unit to tell.  Like the Alexapure water fiilter systen, it is easy to set up taking just minutes. 

   Some people are freaked out by the glowing light that shines when the unit is active but you can always cover that up with tape!

APRIL 2016

 The ProPur ProMax Shower Head Filter

  ProPur ProMax™

 Bottom Line: Great filter but know the limitations...
  My first PropPur shower filter had an issue with it's "o-ring" (remember that NASA?) but ProPur did reach out quickly and remedy that.  On my second one and it is tip-top!

  This filter is SUPPOSED to remove fluoride which most filters don't. However the limitation is not so much that it doesn't remove fluoride but it can't because the speed that water moves through the filter is too fast.  So while it probably at some level still removes it, it probably doesn't filter too much of it.  But in terms of filtering chrlorine and chloramines, it does very well!

  We often think of water filtration in terms of drinking water but consider the gallons of water your skin is exposed per shower.  For $60-70 you can do much to protect your skin health since your local municipality water polluters are probably not capable of or concerned in doing so.