APRIL 2016

 The ProPur ProMax Shower Head Filter

  ProPur ProMax™

 Bottom Line: Great filter but the shower head assembly leaks/falls off!
  The O-ring slips out of the necessary groove on it's own so there's no way to get it to not leak without gluing the relentless fucker. The leak is one thing, but the bottom part of the filter assembly blasts off from the top part!

  To the credit of ProPur they have responded quickly to send out a new o-ring which didn't do much since it was the exact same one that came with it. When I responded it did not fix anything they immiediately sent out a new bottom assembly. So I am waiting to see if this works. If you read buyer comments around the interweb it is clear once people get the new parts they are very happy with it.

  This filter is SUPPOSED to remove fluoride which most filters don't. This is the only reason I am sticking around to see if the replacement assembly works.

  So would I recommend it? I have to say no. Even if the bottom assembly replacement they send me works - and I will definitely be most appreciative - it's not worth the hassle. This was not a cheap item and they should know better than to have such a poor construction. The filter itself works great (I managed two successful showers out of 5-6 attempts) and you can feel the difference pretty quickly. It cost me $80. Other brands with seemingly high ratings or at least higher than ProPur are Apex and Ava. Another construction flaw is that the filter assembly is directly about the shower head so you lose about 4 inches of headroom. A pain for me but something I'll live with if it ultimately works. I notice the other brands have the filter above the level of the incoming shower pipe. It's amazing what you can do with common sense.

Email me with any questions or with your experience with a fluoride-removing shower filter!