Reclaiming Your Privacy - Online and offline!

While Artificial Intelligence Programs, Social Networking and People Finding/Data Mining sites continue to accrue more and more information - don't wait for your identity to be stolen, to be stalked, or for your private information to be used against you trying to rent an apartment, apply for a loan or for health care services let alone if you get caught up in mis-justice of criminal defense!

SNAIL MAIL MARKETING - For a few bucks and they will take you off the main list for I think 5 years. Most marketing sites feed off of them so you'll probably see a great reduction of junk mail. Oh and, STOP with shopper reward cards! Yes, ALL of them!

Almost all people finder sites have pages to contact them to remove your information.  Some require a scan of your license but you can blot out your photo & dob and ss#.  Intelius and Spokeo still might be predominant sites that many others feed from. Many just require the url link and others require you send a form listing your name and all the addresses you want removed.

OPT-OUT LINKS | **Spokeo, **Intelius, Peopleconnect, Whitepages, Instantcheckmate, Beenverified,
Also go to this page:

(1) GET OFF Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that do not help you find work or network and you know this. You'll only compromise control of your info. These sites have one predominant purpose - to collect information and sell it!  (2) Consider a paid email account like Startmail OR using an email client that will allow you to back up your emails to your computer where you can back them up securely and not leaving sensitive emails on a server.  (3) Consider using encrypted cloud services like Spider Oak.  Know that services like Dropbox SELL YOUR DATA to 3rd parties allowing them to "sniff" around your files.

"Privacy is the right to self and the decision to share ourselves" - Edward Snowden

"The protection afforded to thoughts, sentiments, and emotions, expressed through the medium of writing or of the arts, so far as it consists in preventing publication, is merely an instance of the enforcement of the more general right of the individual to be let alone." - Samuel Warren & U.S. Justice Louis Brandeis published in Harvard Law Review in 1890
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