Simple Soap

   Making soap is not terribly difficult but you have to buy a few things. To be honest everything I learned was from this great video on TheCrafyGemini youtube channel. This recipe results in a lovely wonderment from the saponification of olive, coconut, almond and castor oils.  I wouldn't lye to you! This soap can also be used as a shampoo bar or even use it for shaving!  Those with skin allergies to commercial soaps will love this recipe!
simple soap
 Contains no: Triclosan, phthalates, parabens, titanium dioxide or calcium thioglycolates.

   Click here for a recent article on the uselessness of antibacterial soap!

Essential Oil combo ideas:
 Unscented, Coffee-Peppermint, Lime-Tea Tree, Peppermint-Eulcalyptus & Grapefruit.

   (1) Mixing bowl & plastic mixing spoon
   (2) Measuring cup for water
   (3) Measuring cup for oils
   (4) Cup for lye
   (5) Scale (set to oz and not grams!)
   (6) Metal spoon for scooping coconut oil
   (7) Gloves, goggles & mask (when you add the lye to water you do not want to breathe in the fumes)
   (8) Soap loaf mold(s)
   (9) Wax paper
   (10) Timer