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Local Vendors
Liberty Belle Stuff - Locally-made beauty, household cleaning and personal care products.
Rosie Bud Farm - Local honey and honey products (Wareham, MA)
Bridgewater Village Bakery - Fabulous bread - made with Non-GMO organic grains (Bridgewater, MA)

The Non-GMO Project
Citizens For Health
Find Your Nearest Farmer's Market
Infowars.com - In-depth news and discussion about what mainstream media will not touch.

Glidden Healthcare
The Bright Side with Ben Fuchs
The Joel Archives
Dr. Mercola
Mike Adams, "The Health Ranger"

AtrazineLovers.com - Tyrone Hayes site about a very widespread and dangerous contaminant
Bonzai Aphrodite: Chemicals In Cosmetics - 'What You Need To Know'
Skin Deep Cosmetics Database
'Exposed To 200 Chemicals Per Day: How Everyday Products Poison Us'
GMO /Montsano sucks and here is why (video: 1 hour and 20 min.)
Baking Soda Does Not Contain Aluminum
An article by Chris Challis about Propylene Glycol and humectants used in shampoos
Drug America

Gwen Olson: A former Pharma Rep Turned Whistleblower
'Monopoly Medicine' - A great interview with Mike Adams from naturalnews.com (video: 1 hr 32 min.)
The Man Who Ruined Medicine (video: 3 min. and 30 sec.)