Other Free Recipies


    (1) VINEGAR! Conditioner was invented to put back what the shampoo chemicals removed. Are we, nuts?!  For a great, natural pre- or post-shampoo conditioning rinse just use an even mixture of water and vinegar (apple cider vinegar or white distilled). Put it in a bottle (or spray bottle) and spray/drip/pour over scalp and hair and let sit for a minute while you clean your armpits and naughty bits. No worries though - the smell of vinegar completely dissipates when it dries! The acidic pH of the vinegar works to close the cuticles, remove build-up and balances out the alkaline qualities of shampoo.

    (2) COCONUT OIL: A dab of coconut oil as a finisher to run through your hair helps with hair in dry environs. See NaturalNews, SustainableBabySteps, Livestrong.

  Hair Coloring

    Dark hair: Boil 4-5 tea bags (black tea if possible) and let steep and cool. Pour tea into a spray bottle (4-8 oz. - depending on your spray bottle) and add 4-5 drops of Sage and/or Rosemary essential oils. You can spray on your hair but be careful not to do too much at once or you will have drippy neck. Mr. Awesome sprays it on to an toothbrush and applies it to sideburns. You have to do this daily for about a week before you really start to notice. And you have to keep it up continually for a few weeks to where you don't have to do it daily for the results to stay.

    Lighter Hair: Check out what Wellness Mama says!  Health Extremist also has some info.

  Hair Gel

    Personally, I have tried all the alternate recipies for hair gel: Agar Flakes, Aloe, Vegetarian Gelatin and found It all sucks - end of story.  These links seemed to have had success: OrganicAuthority.com and BonzaiAphrodite.com - but if it wasn't a matter of getting it to work, it was a matter of finding a place that had the ingredients affordable or in stock.