Everything Soap

     Mr. Awesome/Liberty Belle's 'Everything Soap' is a simple yet lovely wonderment resulting from the shameless saponification of olive, coconut, almond and castor oils.  I wouldn't lye to you. This soap can also be used as a shampoo bar or even use it for shaving!  Let Mr. Awesome/Liberty Belle's 'Everything Soap' simple the heck out of your soaping routine!

     Those with skin allergies to commercial soaps will love Mr. Awesome/Liberty Belle's 'Everything Soap'!
Mr. Awesome's shaving soap
We got yer soap right here.
No, seriously, we do!
 Contains no: Triclosan, phthalates, parabens, titanium dioxide or calcium thioglycolates.

     Click here for a recent article on the uselessness of antibacterial soap!

Scent options:
 Unscented, Coffee-Peppermint, Lime-Tea Tree, Peppermint-Eulcalyptus & Grapefruit.
(We use only essential oils!)

'Everything Soaps' come in 5 oz. bars | $5 each
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