Make your own detoxifying "healthy water"!

  Can't afford a $500-750+ water filter for your tap that only MIGHT get rid of flouride?
  ..OR if I spend $200-500 for a gravity-driven water filter, do you think you could have it so something like the spigot (the pour spout) isn't made like shit? As a result, I opt for the leeching plastic that is destined to give me man-boobs. I buy gallon jugs of distilled water, in theory, which should have no fluoride in it - or at least much, much less.

  I bought a half-gallon glass jug or whateever size you want to use:
  ...thinly sliced cucumber (peel the skin due to the of the wax/pesticides used in the cropping process)
  ...the inner 2-3 slices of a stalk of celery hearts
  ...a few sprigs of mint leaves
  ...about 2 tblsp of lemon juice
Ingredients for detoxifying, vegetable and fruit-infused water vegetable and fruit-infused drinking water

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