With Mr. Awesome/Liberty Belle's deodorant works fantastic! If you have skin irritation from commercial deodorants, you have reached the promised land!  This is not an anti-perspirant - for the same reason you ought not to plug the opening where digested food exits your body! The corn starch* will absorb plenty! You wlil be pleasantly surprised how long Mr. Awesome/Liberty Belle's deodorant outlasts anything from a toxic commercial brand! Say goodbye to the yellow "pit stains" on your shirt and men can say bye-bye to the constant waxy build-up on your pit hairs!

     Ingredients: corn starch*, baking soda, cocount oil & essential oils.

     *We also makes deodorant with arrowroot powder instead of corn starch - good news for those with gluten allergies!

     None of these toxins are in Mr. Awesome's deodorant:
     Aluminum, Parabens, No Propylene Glycol, TEA or DEA (triethanolamine & diethanolamine) or Triclosan

     NOTE: FOR THOSE WITH IRRITATION OR REACTION TO BAKING SODA...we are going to be offering a non-baking soda variant. If you are not sure if you rect to baking soda, just try a light paste of baking soda and water on one underarm and on your forearm.

Mr. Awesome's deodorant
Store in a cool, dry place.
Be kind & good-natured.
Smell flavors: 
Tangerine-Clove, Lavender-Vanilla, Lime-Eucalyptus, Lime-Tea Tree, Key Lime Pie or Peppermint-Eucalyptus.

Deodorant comes in a 2.65 oz. tube | $5

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