This be the blog
     Brave or Vivaldi browser (free)
        using the DuckDuckGo or Startpage search engine (free)
               NEVER save your passwords.  Develop a system for passwords that you can remember or there are apps for keeping track.  Passwords should include UPPER/lower case letters, numbers and symbols.  Examples of manually-created passwords could be where a becomes @, E could be 3, b becomes 6, g becomes 9, o becomes 0, f could be 4, I could be 1, etc.

     Startmail ($60/yr) - Hushmail ($50/yr.) Shazzlemail has a free version and a pay version ($84/yr.)  -- use "assigned junk emails for buying from untrusted vendors.

     Blur software and apps: free and paid ($40) encrypts the information you send over the web.

     - Don't sign up for shopping loyalty cards or give up your information for coupons

     - When you are asked for your SS# or even the last 4 digits, politely refuse.  You can give your address/zip cide or as a last resort your DOB
     - Get off social media or at least be absolutely certain you use vague usernames.  Remove specific address information and for ctying out loud do not post your phone number no matter how much you are led to believe you can limit viewer access. 

     Avoid accounts that do not allow deletion or at least the capacity to change your email or user names

     For unused retail accounts, ask to have your account removed and your credite card information removed.  Be prepared to be ignored or rebuffed.

     - Get removed from data-mining or "people search" sites.  If you locate your listing,on a site - some just require you to give the url and others may require you to send a copy of your drivers license (with only your birthday and adderss showing - your SS# or license number and picture blacked out).  Start here!

     Get removed from junk mail marketing lists: Direct Mail,, and

     Stop buying gasolilne or small purchases with credit/debit card - use caah!

     If/when you move, do NOT fill out a change of address card for the post office unless you absolutely have to.  Your new information will get submitted all over again to data mining firms.  Instead, send a direct email or a text to your friends and contacts.

Mozilla has recently gone the way of globale corporatists who intend to curb free speech.  They now intend to join the list of services that wish to become arbiters of the First Amendment - which means have the capacity to take it away.

     If this does not fit your sense of Liberty, know your options.  At current there are newer browsers that so far stand to defend your privacy:
          - Brave browser and,
          - Vivaldi browser

     Try them out and see what you think.  Remember, you get the freedoms you stand for and you get the slavery you allow.

A litmus to determine the reliable privacy of a given site is whether or not you have the option to DELETE an account.  Not merely, cancel,close, or deactivate - and yes there is a difference.  When you have no option to delete an account, it means your data, be it address, financial information or purchasing history is going to be br permananetly retained and sold to third party data & marketing companies and will be vulnerable to the whim of a spiteful, underpaid IT staff.  "That doesn't happen!" said no disgruntled IT employee that worked for TJX ever.   Sadly and realistically it's really not possible to spend your whole day reading privacy policies.  But any strides you make will be worthwhile.  In other words, thieves can break in to your house if they really want to but does that mean you ought to make their job easier and just leave the front door open?   Retailers or whomever have complete control over offering the capacity to buy with privacy but often choose not to.  So if your response is "oh well" then it appears you are not concerned about your online privacy.  Until of course your identity is stolen or you are trying to rectify charges on your credit card you never made - and you want swift justice.

     So the goal: (a) limit spam (b) protect information (c) at least look for an exit so that if it's available you know you can delete an account.

     Things to look for: 1) Can you buy something without creating an account ("Check out as a guest")  or  2) Do you have to begin checkout to find a price?  AVOID
     Whatever information you give -  your email, your home address and/or phone number....say hello to junk mail.  Say hello to credit card and loan offers.  Say hello to you being a product. 

     A relatively easy way to avoid this is to create a "junk email" that has no indication of who you are: NEVER put birthdates, family names or initials in your email that you would want to not be exploited OR if you do have such text, just don't use it for buying stuff.  That way if it turns out you can't delete an account or you can't avoid creating an account that is not delete-able, you will be able to abandon the site account when you delete the email account.

     There are paid email services called Startmail, HushMail, Blur/Mask Me, ShazzleMail, SmugMug for example that for around $50 a year allow you to create email aliases which are "temporary" email address that will automatically delete after a short time - like 1-3 hours, but you can use to buy (or even sell) goods online such that if your email is exploited, marketing spam will just hit a brick wall after the address has expired though it allowed you to create the account.  Most of the time when you create an account you are immediately sent a verification email, so the need for a current address is mostly in the set up stage.  However, if a site does not allow you to delete an account, your buying history and your credit card data will still be left in their records.  Another good use for email aliases is when you are not familiar with the parameters of an account you create for a site, avoid creating usernames by your main email address or usernames you like to use elsewhere in case you are not allowed to change those.  For example, this author can be found on a google search by an old email address used for a discontinued amazon account that reveals my "wish list" (which is empty funny enough)  Certain accounts such as for banking or for buying from reputable probably will not want to use an email alias.

     One option to protect your credit card data but is probably a pain to do repeatedly is to use pre-paid credit cards.  Wanting to protect your privacy you presume your privacy is worth hiding.  No different than locking your front door.

Now that corporate taxes have be un-strapped may it be that customer service departments return from India?? And please, for those of you burbling about injustice of corporate taxes and the wealthy (whom you admire when they bounce or throw a sporting orb), take a second to dry your eyes and get beyond the low-brow Bernie Sanders model of being unable to distinguish the market economy from the "Corporatist" reign that you gleefully participate as a slave every time you voluntarily pay $150-200 to see spoiled brats play sports or perform music; or $1000 for a novelty phone that unsecurely transmits your permiscuous selfie's in 3-D to corporate cloud networks.

     I have had GoDaddy hosting for about 20 years. Shit, I just realized how long of a time....oh nevermind... Anywhoo - I have tried about 4-5 times to switch hosting and domain registrars and it is...

     ...inept and indifferent bullshit: Non-functioning control panels that look like something awful that I would build; or tech service that makes Comcast seem like a dream. It's so bad that every time I return to GoDaddy. And while I can't stand how GoDaddy techies try to sell me extra services at every turn at least they respect back off when I ask. They can usually do so because they not only speak fluent English but also respond and utililze tone, reference and God help me...a sense of humor . In a way, they "get me". At least enough for me to stay.

     The reality is Sanjay and Pavirith wouldn't want to talk to the English-speaking fools to modify or update their website, financial credit or online orders. No - they want the least obstruction in communication. They also don't want someone to be "sorry" for my troubles like a Hallmark B-line sympathy card.

     So while the CFO for GoDaddy hunts elephants and isn't sorry for my "problems" - at least he hasn't given me any!  My money speaks in the meantime.

FDA Is Pharma's Lapdog, Not a Watchdog (Dr. Mercola)

The real reason shops want you to sign up for e-receipts (The Guardian)

MasterCard Rolls Out Selfie Payments Decreasing Privacy One Step Further (Dr. Mercola)

Grin and Bayer it...Monsanto has a new daddy (Dr. Mercola)

ALLOPATH-ETIC (See prior blog, Allopathic is Pathetic).

Most of you are not yet quite sick of being sick! Yet how often do we hear people say they are sick of being sick?

I see two reasons in plan view: (1) We don't take stock in our own health on a common-sense level; we wait until something is wrong before we act. LESSON: Why would you wait until your engine blows to start getting oil changes and then de-cry oil changes because you got ONE and it didn't fix your car engine? (2) Doctors trained to dispense drugs don't give a shit about you - intentionally/consciously or not - to the same end. LESSON: Never trust someone who is not legally accountable for harming or killing you. You want to piss off an Allopathic doctor? Ask questions!

So when it comes to considering Naturapathy the same people stiffen up. The incredible labor pains involved to take control of one's health involves reading about an alternative approaches that are no more expensive than the cost of food and organizing. It involves you clear your head of the salve jabber you carelessly adhere and read some information that is in plain view.
That's the worst thing - nothing is hidden.

So if that is too much for you, don't complain. Accept your demise when it occurs- financially, emotionally or mortally. You bought it. Because your allopathic doctor might be "nice" you think they tell you all your options - even where death is imminent? Goddamn - have you learned nothing from being alive?

Read this aloud: YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN.

But if you have a gut feeling about all this and know something is up. Just keep responding to that curiosity. You are one of the lucky ones. You are the red pill. You are more interested in Truth over seeming relevant on a social network. I am not here to convert the zombie but to rally those with that gut feeling something isn't right with Allopathy, the current predominant practice of health care.

I'll be honest - not every doctor who claims to be a Naturpoath is necessarily legit. It's also called the order of things. Every industry, field, job, people has it's loose ends. Consequently, most of the allopathic ilk are mostly bad. Why? Because their entire training is hedged on parsing out pills that at best try to mock what we already have. If you think that before the early 1900s it was all a black plague you have been spoon fed Hollywood. Conversely there was a dirth of the parameter of diseases. There was less cancer. And no it wasn't perfect. But before allopathy one did not mortgage or lose their home to maintain a goddamn disease. So the best I can fathom is if you don't care if Naturopathy or Homeopathy is legit - just say so. But don't pretend to know better becuse not one naysayer has yet even looked up what Allopathy or Naturopathy means. Why do I know that? Because if they did, they would start taking care of themselves accordingly to the method that presefves them the best which Allopathy does not and never will and was NEVER intended.

Naturopathy might not work for everybody but a practitioner isn't backed up by FDA and corporate lawyers when they harm or kill someone. Funny how that works, isn't it?

I have found information by the Naturopaths below to be very good. Some of videos can go on a bit long but ones by Eric Berg, Mercola and Josh Axe for example tend to be more brief but well-organized. For myself I prefer videos 10 minutes or less unless I'm really digging in to something. Yes, some are going to offer a minor sales pitch for supplements they make (it's called the Market Economy - oh and you know because Allopathic docs never sell you anything, right? Again, you want to agitate an Allopathic doctor - ask questions about what they prescribe and why. Read about case studies and known issues and follow-up with them. You'll see them burn red through that white lab coat. Because the truth is they merely and obsequiously read through the insert of the medicine box and take it as fact. Of course who do you think pays for their vacations?

If you have ANY ailment of which you are curious, see what these naturopathic doctors below have to say.

Eric Berg
Peter Glidden
Joel Wallach
Joseph Mercola
Darren Schmidt
Josh Axe
Mike Adams
Ben Fuchs

JULY 2016
Ben Swann covers the scam that is the FDA
The Revolving Door Between the FDA and Big Pharma

Biometrics solves nothing for your security...

JUNE 2016
Who put their finger on my Butterfinger?

Crooked FDA Procures It's Mafia Monopoly
Weaken the vestigal FDA by not participating in the medical mafia industry.
EVP or RFID chips...the new dilemma
  For those who already know why RFID tech is freakish when mixed with the Crooked, Corporatist State, here are some short videos on removing the RFID/EVP chips in your debit/credit cards, license or passport (you will wind up using the magnetic strip as you have been all along): this, this or that

APRIL 2016
"You tawkin' to me?"
Robert DeNiro on a moppish TODAY show making a commited point for people to find out about vaccine awareness. Watch here or here...

Before I forget...
Alopathic medicine will never find cures - especially Alzheimers Disease.  This 'ol fella claims to have reversed his ALZ!

Hypocrisy in Hippocracy!
  In his book Death by Medicine, Gary Null explains how medical error is today the largest single cause of death in the US.
The true face of Pharma
  Don't forget, the trend of people disavowing poison medications has been growing so steadily the scum pharma industry has been lobbying the government like a rabid bronco for FORCE VACCINATIONS! That is just how much people are shrugging off the poison they have been fed all these years. It costs them so much money to have to work to their eugeniist means, they have to trounce the very basis of our freedom to exist. It is the ONLY way they can exist now. Many of us will shrug this progress off in fear. But if you know better and you read this, I hope to reinforce your conviction to keep it up!

 Catch up on making ketchup...
  Most commercial ketchup has HFCS. Some people don't care for the likely use of ingredients with GMOs. I like the organic brands but $5 for a bottle of it seems much. So yet another DIY opportunity arrives. I found a really good, relatively simple recipe.
- - - - -

What the Frack? Do Rhode Island Residents Know About the Gas Pipeline?...
  ...about to be installed? Remember how you'd hear about pipelines, tanks or mega wires being built to move or store gas, oil or some other shit we use for energy? Remember hearing about stories about people getting cancer or otherwise sick and you thought, "Whew. That's not me!"?

 Guess what's your turn to have those stories be about YOU! Don't you feel included?

 If you're inclined to care, here a story about people protesting it.

 Doesn't it seem like were always being asked to allow uncalculated risks all for cheaper fuel? You're getting the picture that it will always be this way, yes? Well, unless people decide to say "No." Apparently that has been happening which is good, but the word still needs to get out because like most circumstances like these, it is the ignorance of the populus that serves the corporatist psychopathy. There is a FB page by Green Party Alliance that has information on this too.

The ADA Has Poisoned You
 See Global Healing Center, or this and this...and remember, it was plenty good enough for the Nazis to use on prisoners! Do you think a valuable dentifrice was one of their concerns when putting it in their water?

 Mercury - Ah, neuortoxins! Who says it's safe? The ADA! But some dentists actually look in to things and find out better.

 "Well 'they' wouldn't poison us!" ...but they did...and they still are.

  Want to make your own toothpaste devoid of fluoride, SLS and triclosan? See this!

Triclsan Related to Cancer - Thanks FDA/Colgate!

  Is Triclosan in your toothpaste? Want to make your own? See this!

JUNE 2014
Mr. Awesome Tells YOU How To Avoid Identity Theft

  (1) NEVER, EVER GIVE OUT YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER NOR THE LAST FOUR DIGITS. Exception unfortunately is for those who seek or have a mortgage. Do NOT give it to bank teller, out loud in front of people. Do NOT give it to a utility company. Do NOT give it to an appliance rental agency, doctor's office, rental agent or landlord. EVER.

  Yes, you will get shit for it. That is because most people do not know the law or understand what a social security number is. This author agrees we should not even have it in the first place but FDR wasn't talking to me at the time.

   If you feel it's just too dang hard to protect it and you give it away for amenities, then you shant complain when you find your identity is occupado by another. Because my big mouth told you.

   (2) STOP USING YOUR CREDIT CARD FOR POCKET CASH. Be a hero and learn to budget mere pocket change. If you use your credit card at a gas station you have absolutely no idea how easy it is to have your cc numbers stolen. Plus a majority of people getting gas with plastic never even bother to get their receipt. If that is you, stop doing that!

  Stop buying coffee, candy and burgers with a credit card. Feel modern? Good, you'll need that esteem boost for when you are stuck flipping the bill of someone who just took a vacation on your credit. And because you don't check your monthly statements, you only found out after the 90 day period. And what is modern about paying more on interest than for the cup of coffee you just bought? Uhhhh, Beavith?....

  So when you see this busines called Lifelock that purports to protect your identity and credit theft with a huge insurance claimer...what you are doing is giving your social security number to strangers with a disgruntled IT departement. You are substitituting one danger for another!

  ...Does Mr. Awesome know everything? Yeeees.
  ...Does that mean there would never be idtentity or credit theft if everybody heeded the above information? Nooooo, it would just cut down on practically all of it.

  Food for thought: There is a miniscule chance of identity theft from directly being mugged for your wallet than giving away your ss# like compliments or using your credit card for pocket change items.

  I have spoken..

- - - - -
"Latrogenic Death"
  Who would have thunk it - MEDICAL PRACTICE is the 3rd leading cause of death?!

Medical Practice is the 3rd Leading Cause of Death   Is Mr. Awesome saying medicine is bad? Certainly not! Just most of it. How about, there are a slew of people making 6-7 figures of income who are legalized drug pushers taking orders from a medical oligarchy that is ruled by an even more exclusive pharmaceutical one? When have people had enough? Do you really have to lose someone important to you in order to take notice?
May 2014

  Is baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) the one substance that wont's harm us?: article on Natural Cures Not Medicine

- - - - -

  EASY DETOXIFYING WATER: slice a peeled lemon, peeled cucumber and mint leaves. Put in a glass pitcher (you can get cheap glass pitchers not made in China at Target believe it or not).

  Here is a cayenne pepper and lemon detox from

- - - - -

  Liberty Belle and I finally presented our new soaps at the recent market. These are not re-melts but made entirely from scratch. It's the v.2 of our Everything Soap. You can use it for hand, body, shaving, SHAMPOO and even for even dishes! Our new Everything soaps are made from olive, coconut, almond and castor oil. The castor oil gives it a great, natural lather.

  We wanted to create a shampoo bar that LB naturally naled the "Grand poo Bar" because, well - that's funny! But the soap wound up being good for everything else...TRULY better than we had thought and so now we sell it!
April 2014

  George Carlin supposes what happens without electricity. What would you do if you lost power long term? How prepared are you really? Take an hour to explore that curiosity some time. As much as you might feel SOL, every bit that you learn will better prepare you.

  Corpratist fluffers and the ever-useless Snopes dopes will aver that Pepsi is in fact NOT using fetal cells in their product for flavor enhancers. But they're going to stop using it. (cough)

  And if your brow is not furrowed you are either dead or zombified into political obiviion. At least death has dignity.'s not in the product you see, it's just that the company Senomyx that makes the flavor enhancer just uses fetal cells to create the...flavor...enhancers...

  You know, it's just easier to call people stupid if they drink soda.

  P.S. Pepsi uses fetal cells in their product.

  This is not new information regarding Aspartame, but it is a fair assessment that at this juncture if you still drink soda, you are asking for trouble. Again, it's always peculiar what things people decide to keep in their life when the dangers are out in the open.

   There are people who think fluride is a "sacred cow". These people can have it. Watch 'The Incovenient Tooth'. All I know is when I ask for no flouride rinse or mercury fillings and the dentist responds like Gollum when someone takes away "preciousss"...I'm on the right track! Either the dentist is dishonest or they are unconscionably ignorant. I think the ADA produces both.
March 2014
  90% of all alfalfa grown in the US is covered in Montsano Round Up Ready chemicals. One more reminder to BUY LOCAL.

  "Latrogenic death" (where a doctor unneccessarily kills someone) is the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S.

  "Stockholm Syndrome" is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive   feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with them.

  So perhaps it's time we snapped out of the fog?

February 2014
Five Reasons To Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

January 2014
  You don't need a PhD to know pH! Actually you studied it in high school and you forgot it because it wasn't important. Now it is because as an older being you are more affected by your diet! pH is a measure of hydrogen in your body and "electrical balance". The scale is 1 to 14: "acidic" is below 7; "alkaline" is above 7. Ideal body pH is 7.4 - slighly on the alkaline side. Read more.

...Moderation in all things but if you use salt, ditch the table salt & check out sea salt! -

  Gwen Olson, a former salesperson for a drug company, speaks about how the pharma industry manipulates with doctors and patients. As it is with politics, she explains if you want to see what's behind the scenes to get to the truth, "follow the money": Remember the AMA and FDA outright cater to the pharma industry. This is no secret. But you do have to be willing to see it. Remember knowledge may be power - but wisdom can be sobering.

  The Pacific Ocean is toast. If you've never read about nascent iodine, now is a good time to do so.

  Always remember that if there is a way to treat anything with nutrition or anything outside of drugs - doctors, who are indentured to the AMA, will never, ever let you know.
September 2013
  Here is a great article regarding chemical oversight in your cosmetic, hygiene and cleaning products:

Craft and Vendor Fair - September 7th
Liberty Belle & Mr. Awesome table at Craft & Vendor Fair - September 7th