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About Mr. Awesome

   Do you realize the birth of personal care products that has become a ruthless minefield of allergens, carcinogens and endocrine disruptors is based on the merely make things merely smell nice?  Why is the best argument for using products with these toxins, "Well it hasn't hurt me yet? " With commercial manufacturers of personal care & cleaning products in the pocket of a psychopathic chemical & pharma industry, is not being sick or dead yet really a sane litmus for safety?  Fortunately, simple, homemade recipies undermine industry dependency and with greater efficacy! Self-reliance is well...awesome! You can make all of these products yourself and free yourself from the Toxic Chemical Grid!

 "Mr. Awesome" is a concept referring to great things coming from self-dependency and simplicity - not "simple-minded"!   The least you need is all you need for an effective personal care product.

  This site attempts to bring to you a simpler make-up of an effective product that uses NO carcinogens, allergens, synthetic coloring, fake suds, sulfates, phosphates or benzene derivatives.  If you feel the way I feel, know that you can meliorate 50+ years of market-driven convenience and complacent addiction to toxic, pretty smells by taking the most immediate & effective measures by speaking with your dollars and better habits!

  Consumer self-reliance will more than decimate the stranglehold of a psychopathic chemical industry that will NEVER, EVER take a single step to not poison you where substantial profit can be procured.

  If you like the idea but don't have time or energy to make it yourself, I highly suggest you buy from - my partner in this battle against industry toxic slavery! She's a creative force! Either way, the important thing is that you find joy in escaping the "toxic-chemical grid"!  Everything on this site Mr. Awesome makes and uses himself!